. . CoW Swap hacker milks over 550 BNB using ‘solver’ exploit

CoW Swap hacker milks over 550 BNB using ‘solver’ exploit

According to PeckShield, the hacker successfully transferred 551 BNB from CoW Swap to Tornado Cash, which was worth approximately $181,600 at the time of writing.

CoW Swap hacker milks over 550 BNB using ‘solver’ exploit

Decentralized exchange (DEX) protocol CoW Swap recently suffered an associate attack, losing a minimum of 550 BNB in a very contract exploit that approved fund transfers from the protocol.

Blockchain surveyor MevRefund flagged the event and detected that the funds gave the impression to be moving far from CoW Swap. The supreme removable worth (MEV) searcher warned the DEX and its users of the exploit in a Twitter thread.

in line with the good contract auditing firm BlockSec, a billfold address was intercalary as a “solver” of CoW Swap by a multi-sig. Then, the address invoked the dealing to approve DAI to SwapGuard, that junction rectifier to SwapGuard transferring DAI from the CoW Swap settlement contract to other addresses.

Blockchain security firm PeckShield calculable that around 551 BNB was lost, valued at $181,600 at the time of writing. when stealing the assets, the hacker captive the funds to the ill-famed crypto mixer Tornado Cash.

Flowchart showing movement of stolen funds from CoW Swap
Flowchart showing the movement of stolen funds from CoW Swap. Source: PeckShield

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throughout the attack, some community members panic-struck associated urged users to revoke approvals from the DEX. However, the decentralized finance (DeFi) protocol aforementioned this isn’t necessary.

in line with CoW Swap, the exploited settlement contract solely has access to the fees that the protocol collected in a very week. The team is aforementioned that it's unable to access user funds while not an order signed by users directly. The DEX team explained their full-length analysis of what happened in a political candidate's Twitter announcement. CoW Swap additionally told Cointelegraph that "users funds aren't at risk, and were ne'er at risk."

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Meanwhile, despite the hacks close DeFi, the house has had a prolific beginning in 2023, in line with a report from DappRadar. knowledge showed that protocols saw vital growth within their total worth fastened in the month of January.

In alternative news, the international organization additionally reportable that the Democratic People's Republic of Korea hackers scarfs a lot of crypto in 2022 compared with other years. The report estimates that hackers coupled with North Korea were liable for around $630 million to $1 billion in taken crypto assets last year.

Disclaimer: This text was updated with CoW Swap's comments and official Twitter announcement. 

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