. . South Korean drama with a crypto-loving character based on him is mocked by Bukele.

South Korean drama with a crypto-loving character based on him is mocked by Bukele.

South Korean drama with a crypto-loving character based on him is mocked by Bukele.

The latest episode of a South Korean drama series regarding unloved ladies searching for revenge featured a personality supported the El Salvadoran President Nayib Bukele – and therefore the Bitcoin (BTC)-keen leader is reckoning on the sunshine side.

The drama in question is called “Becoming Witch” Associate in Nursingd is presently airing on Netflix and television Chosun. Its Korean title is “Manyeoneun Salassida” (마녀는 살아있다, virtually “The Witch Is Alive”).

within the seventh episode of the series, a South Korean character is on stage, presenting at an investors’ meeting for what seems to be a scamcoin named Civa Coin.

The presenter speaks regarding Salvador – mentioning its size and location. And then, when asking the audience to show off their mobile phones, he shows them a photograph of a person he claims is his friend – Nashim Bupele, the President of El Salvador.

Bupele, the presenter states, has created history by adopting Civa Coin as medium of exchange in El Salvador.

In real life, Bukele adopted bitcoin as legal tender in Sep 2021 and launched the state-run Chivo bitcoin app and wallet.

And the “real” Bukele gone through the clip in an exceedingly tongue-in-cheek fashion, writing on Twitter that the drama’s producers had created a “questionable casting choice” for the role of “Nashim Bupele.”

because the drama continues to be airing, it's not nevertheless clear if “Bupele” can build another appearance. However, he has already become one thing of a acculturation in El Salvador.

Members of Bukele's own Nuevas Ideas Party were the most engaged on this meme of all. The MP Cecilia Rivera shared a photoshopped image of Bukele carrying a gat, ancient headwear for students throughout the Joseon sept (1392-1910) amount of Korean history.

“Handsome,” Rivera quipped.

different MPs shared constant image.

Fellow MP Ana Figueroa showed off some spectacular Korean language skills in her own response, that browse (in Korean):
  • “Our President is better-looking than this.”
though the series doesn't concentrate on crypto directly, it will address matters touching on the space. one in all the 3 wronged feminine protagonists has genetic alittle fortune from her deceased husband’s insurance policy. And one of the male antagonist characters is portrayed as being one thing of a sucker for unhealthy investments.

The hashtag #NashimBupele has since trended on Twitter in Salvador – and has even spawned a spoof Twitter account.

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